About Chilldogz

The purpose of Chilldogz is to help your dog to relax through music and sounds.

Through targeted research we found out which sounds and tones can help your dog to clear his mind for a while and make relaxation possible. Our music and sounds are a good tool to help dogs with behavior issues, stressed dogs, dogs with separation anxiety or other anxieties.

Furthermore it could be pleasant for your dog to listen to our music, when you have to leave him alone for a while.
Our music can help your dog to remain calm during stressful moments (storm, firework, hustle in house,…).

We also provide CD’s which can help your dog to get used to certain sounds (storm, rain,…). In this way your dog gets to know these, sometimes threatening sounds, in a calm and pleasant way. This approach is very efficient with puppies and young dogs.

Our products are created as a first help. In case of dangerous, chronic cases of behavior problems, make sure to always contact your vet or a dog specialist.

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