Chilldogz – Music To Relax Your Dog CD [2017]


Calm your dog during a thunderstorm, fireworks and being home alone.

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Chilldogz is a unique concept since our music contains a heartbeat, that simulates the heartbeat of a mother dog.
This sound in combination with calming tones comforts your dog and helps him relax during stressful moments.

This CD can be used when your dog is left alone for a period of time, when your dog has separation anxiety or when your dog is afraid of thunder and fireworks, or when your dog is recovering from an injury or medical treatment.
Ofcourse it’s also useful just to give your dog a relaxation experience.

Our music CD’s are non stop for the best experience.

Tested on several dogs, scared dogs and dogs with anxiety problems and high stresslevels.
We have also tested on other animals including cats, guinea pigs, birds and horses.

Our music keeps every animal, whether they have two legs or four, calm and relaxed.

Keep in mind that animals have a wider range of hearing than humans. What’s okay to you might be too loud to them. Be aware of the volume and your animal for sure will enjoy our music.


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